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  • 2018

    Oct 2018 - Congratulations and best wishes to Andrea Cabrera on joining the University of New Mexico's School of Medicine for postdoctoral training!

    Sep 2018 - Prof. Ghosh gives a seminar entitled “Vascular Stiffening as a new Paradigm of Inflammatory Eye Diseases” in the Department of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University

    July 2018 Congratulations to Andrea Cabrera for successfully defending her doctoral dissertation! Her dissertation was entitled “Role of Endothelial Cell Stiffening in Choroidal Atrophy Associated with Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration"

    June 2018 Prof. Ghosh gives an invited seminar entitled “Learning the Hard Way: Role of Vascular Stiffening in Inflammatory Eye Diseases” at Stony Brook University

    June 2018 Andrea Cabrera presents a poster entitled “Impaired lysosomal exocytosis contributes to complement-mediated vascular injury associated with dry AMD" at the 2018 UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium in Riverside

    June 2018- Congratulations to Neha Palegar for successfully defending her MS thesis! Her thesis was entitled "Site-targeted biomimetic nanoparticles for local suppression of retinal vascular inflammation in diabetes"

    May 2018 Andrea Cabrera gives a talk entitled “Role of endothelial cell stiffening in choriocapillaris atrophy associated with dry AMD" at the 2018 ARVO Annual Meeting in Honolulu, HI

  • 2017

    Nov 2017 - Our work on AMD is highlighted in the 2017 Annual Report of BrightFocus Foundation

    Sep 2017 - Congratulations and best wishes to Harry Scott on joining Kestrel BioSciences as a Research Associate!

    Sep 2017 – The Ghosh Research Group has received a five-year $1.9M R01 grant from NIH/NEI to study the “Role of Retinal Capillary Stiffness in Diabetic Retinopathy”. This project is in collaboration with Tim Kern at Case Western

    Sep 2017 – The Ghosh Research Group is part of a collaborative team that has received a four-year $1.5M R01 grant from NIH/NEI to “Discover Biomarkers for AMD”. Prof. Ghosh serves as a Co-Investigator on this project that is led by Prof. Dimitrios Morikis at UCR Bioengineering

    Jul 2017 – Prof. Ghosh receives the 2017-18 UC Regents Faculty Development Award

    Jun 2017 – Prof. Ghosh gives an invited talk on “Understanding Precisely How Aging Increases the Risk for Macular Degeneration” at the “Evening of BrightFocus” event hosted by BrightFocus Foundation in Washington DC

    May 2017 – Congratulations to Andrea Cabrera on receiving the 2017-18 GRMP Fellowship from UCR Graduate Division!

    May 2017 – Prof. Ghosh gives an invited talk at the 2017 ARVO Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. His talk was entitled “Vascular Stiffening and EC Dysfunction in Diabetic Retinopathy and AMD” and featured in the Minisymposium: "An Eye on the Eye Microvascuature"

    Apr 2017 – The Ghosh Research Group has received a $10K Collaborative Seed Grant from the UCR Office of Research and Development to investigate the effect of LOX-mediated retinal capillary stiffening on leukostasis associated with diabetes. This project is in collaboration with Umar Mohideen in Physics & Astronomy

    March 2017 – Andrea Cabrera's research on AMD receives Honorable Mention by the Ford Foundation of the National Academies

    Feb 2017 - Prof. Ghosh highlighted as a “Featured Scientist” by the BrightFocus Foundation

    Feb 2017 - Prof. Ghosh has been invited to serve on the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports, a multidisciplinary research journal from the Nature Publication Group. He will join the journal's "Biological Physics" division

  • 2016

    Nov 2016 - Andrea Cabrera's IOVS paper on the mechanical control of AMD pathogenesis is featured on journal cover

    Nov 2016 - Prof. Ghosh gives a talk entitled "Role of Vascular Stiffness in Retinal Endothelial Activation Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy" at the International Vascular Biology Meeting (IVBM) in Boston

    Nov 2016 - Harry Scott attends the International Vascular Biology Meeting (IVBM) in Boston. He presented a poster on his work related to micro RNAs and vascular inflammation

    Oct 2016 - Prof. Ghosh gives an invited seminar at the Western University of Health Sciences. His talk was entitled "An Integrated Bioengineering Approach to Combat Chronic Vascular Inflammation"

    Oct 2016 - Recent collaborative research between the Ghosh and Morikis labs on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is published in Molecular Vision. This work examines the therapeutic potential of novel complement inhibitory peptides in blocking the early stages of AMD. Andrea Cabrera is shared first author in this paper

    Sep 2016 - Congratulations to Harry Scott for successfully defending his PhD dissertation. Dr Scott's dissertation was entitled "Role of Subendothelial Matrix Stiffness and Mechanotransduction in Chronic Vascular Inflammation"

    Sep 2016 - Congratulations and best wishes to Xiao Yang on joining the NIH/NEI for postdoctoral fellowship!

    Aug 2016 - Andrea Cabrera's work on the role of choroidal EC stiffening in senescence-associated complement injury is accepted for publication in IOVS. Congratulations!

    Aug 2016 Congratulations and best wishes to Soroush Ardekani on joining Pacira Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Scientist!

    July 2016 - Harry Scott's work on the role of matrix stiffness in ICAM-1 clustering and monocyte-endothelial adhesion is published in Integrative Biology. Congratulations!

    July 2016 - Congratulations to Shane Eum on his new position at BD Biosciences!

    June 2016 - Xiao Yang, Soroush Ardekani and Harry Scott walk at the 2016 PhD Commencement Ceremony. Congratulations on their wonderful achievement!

    Mar 2016 - The Ghosh Research Group has received a two-year $160K BrightFocus Foundation Grant to study the role of choroidal endothelial stiffness in the pathogenesis of early age-related macular degeneration. This research will be performed in collaboration with Drs Martha Neuringer and Trevor McGill at the Oregon Health and Science University 

    Mar 2016 - Congratulations to Xiao Yang and Soroush Ardekani for successfully defending their PhD dissertations. Dr Yang's dissertation was entitled "Mechanical Control of Retinal Vascular Inflammation in Diabetes" while Dr Ardekani presented his work on "Site-targeting Nanotherapeutic for Suppression of Vascular Inflammation"

    Feb 2016 - Prof. Ghosh has received the 2016 Outstanding Engineering Educator Award by the Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC) 

    Feb 2016 - Prof. Ghosh gives an invited seminar at the Loma Linda Medical Center. His talk was entitled "Integrating the Principles of Mechanobiology and Nanotechnology to Tackle Chronic Vascular Inflammation"

    Jan 2016 - The Ghosh Research Group has received a Proof-of-Concept Technology Commercialization Grant from the UCR Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) to identify novel site-targeting moieties for targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs to sites of vascular inflammation. This work is being performed in collaboration with Neoclone Inc. 

    Jan 2016 - Prof. Ghosh was invited to attend the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Beckman Initative for Macular Research in Irvine, CA

    Jan 2016 -  Congratulations to Tim Yadegar on receiving the HSI Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Winter 2016! 

  • 2015

    Nov 2015 - Soroush Ardekani's work on the development of a nanoliposomal anti-inflammatory therapeutic system is published in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

    Oct 2015 - Xiao Yang's work on the role of BM stiffening in retinal endothelial activation is published in The FASEB Journal. Congratulations!

    Aug 2015 -  Prof. Ghosh gives an invited lecture on “Mechanical Control of Retinal Endothelial Activation Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy” at the 2015 ARVO Diabetic Retinopathy Conference at NIH

    Aug 2015 -  Congratulations to Xiao Yang on receiving a travel grant to present her findings at the 2015 ARVO Diabetic Retinopathy Conference at NIH!

    June 2015 - Congratulations to Boi Quach on receiving the Bilderback Scholarship for academic excellence!

    April 2015 - Congratulations to Soroush Ardekani on receiving the 2015-2016 GRMP Fellowship from UCR Graduate Division!

    April 2015 - Congratulations to Shane Eum on receiving the HSI Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Spring 2015!

    Mar  2015 - The Ghosh Research Group has received a research grant from the City of Hope-UCR Biomedical Research Initiative (CUBRI). This research, performed in collaboration with Dr Rama Natarajan at the City of Hope, aims to identify novel matrix stiffness-responsive epigenetic mechanisms that govern diabetic vascular inflammation

  • 2014

    June 2014 - Congratulations to Boi Quach on receiving the prestigious Chancellor Research Fellowship for 2014-2015!

    May 2014 -  Prof. Ghosh receives the Hellman Fellowship for 2014-2015

    Apr 2014 -  Xiao Yang's work on the role of cell and basement membrane architecture in cigarette smoke-induced endothelial dysfunction is published in IOVS. Congratulations!

    Apr 2014 -  Congratulations to Shane Eum and Boi Quach on receiving the HSI Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Spring 2014!

    Jan 2014 -  Congratulations to Arun Bhaskaran on receiving the HSI Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Winter 2014!

  • 2013

    Oct 2013 -   Prof. Ghosh gives an invited Focus Speaker lecture on “An Integrated, Multidisciplinary Approach to Tissue Development and Engineering” at the 2013 California Science Education Conference, Palm Springs, CA

    Oct 2013 -   Prof. Ghosh gives an invited lecture on “Site-targeting nanotherapeutics for microvascular normalization” at the 2nd International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering, Las Vegas, NV

    Sept 2013 - Congratulations to Arun Bhaskaran on receiving the HSI Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Fall 2013!

    Sept 2013 - Ghosh Research Group receives UCR Seed Funds to strengthen their new invention regarding site-targeting nanotherapeutics for local suppression of endothelial inflammation 

    July 2013 -  Prof. Ghosh receives the UC Regents Faculty Fellowship Award for 2013-2014

    July 2013 -  Ghosh Research Group receives UCR Seed Grant for collaborative research on “An Integrated Technological Platform for Guidance and Real-time Tracking of Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation into Vascular Endothelial Cells”. Other PIs on this seed grant are Prof. Prue Talbot from Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Prof Jiayu Liao from Bioengineering

    June 2013 - Prof. Ghosh invited to serve as a Session Chair at the NSF International Workshop on Stem Cell Differentiation: Influenceof  Biomaterials and Biomechanics, Shanghai, China

    Apr 2013 - Congratulations to Harry Scott on receiving UCR's GRMP Fellowship for 2013-2014!

    Jan 2013  -  Harry Scott, Soroush Ardekani and Xiao Yang present their research findings at the Gordon Conference on Vascular Cell Biology 

  • 2012

    Dec 2012  - Congratulations to Jonathan Bradley for being selected as one of six finalists for the 2013 Glenn Nagel Undergraduate Research Award! 

    Oct 2012  - Congratulations to Stephanie Tehseldar for receiving  the HSI Undergraduate Research Fellowship for Fall 2012!

    July 2012  - Ghosh Research Group presents its recent findings at the GRC on Signal Transduction by Engineered ECM 

    May 2012 - Jonathan Bradley, a California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Bridges fellow, joins the Ghosh Research Group for a 6 month research internship

    Jan 2012 -   Prof. Ghosh’s work on islet-targeting nanomaterials, which appears in the Jan 11 issue of Nano Letters, was featured in several global, online news journals including